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Types of Damages You Can Recover After a Car Crash

Figuring out how to pay for the damages sustained after an auto accident can be stressful and cause victims to worry. Even when the accident isn't their fault, it's normal to be concerned about coverage and how your damages will be recovered. In Minnesota, laws are set to help protect victims involved in car accidents regardless of which driver is held responsible. Minnesota is a "no-fault" state, a legal system that requires drivers to have their own insurance policy with their own insurance company that will cover the related damages, medical treatment, and other out-of-pocket expenses required after a car accident. This is also known as "personal injury protection" (PIP). Depending on the driver's policy limits, the following damages can be recovered after being involved in an auto accident:

Vehicle Damages – Filing accident claims after a collision can benefit victims whose vehicles suffer damages directly from the accident. A successful claim may result in financial compensation covering cosmetic and structural damages to the victim's car. The victim may also be able to recover compensation for

Medical Costs – Victims of car accidents may recover medical costs for any injury (even one as minor as a cut). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans spend more than 1 million days combined in the hospital due to car crash injuries. A victim's personal injury protection plan may allow coverage for anything required for the injury sustained (big or small). This could include hospital stays, ambulance rides, medical equipment, follow-up appointments, medication, or more.

Wage Losses – Sometimes, injuries sustained after an accident may be so severe that the victim may be unable to work. Many personal injury protection plans allow coverage for financial losses experienced while taking the time needed to heal and recover.

Pain and Suffering – Although car accidents can cause many physical damages, they can also cause damages that are mentally taxing as well. Accidents can cause permanent disabilities or disfigurements or result in the death of the driver or a loved one. Due to the emotional toll such devastating incidences have on people, economic losses associated with a crash may be recovered when there is lost earning capacity, reduced enjoyment of life, and loss of companionship or consortium.

How Long Do I Have to Submit a Claim?

In Minnesota, there are deadlines set to dictate how long a driver has to bring claims for damages after their accident, formally known as the statute of limitations. The state has a six-year statute of limitations for most property and injury claims that were a result of a car accident. Insurance policies often have their own notice requirements, which may or may not be fatal to presenting a claim. Once the victim has established they have the right to recover the damages, Minnesota will not impose a damage cap on the recoverable compensation amount.

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