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Catastrophic Bone Fracture Claims in Minnesota

About 6.8 million Americans suffer broken bones each year. Even though your bones are incredibly tough, about four times the strength of concrete, they can still break. Bones can bend to a certain extent, but once the pressure is too great or too sudden, they might break or fracture.

While many broken bones heal with proper treatment in as little as six weeks, others may lead to a long, painful recovery. Serious bone fractures may even be classified as catastrophic injuries and may result in serious complications that could lead to permanent impairments, limitations, or disabilities.

If you have suffered a severe bone fracture due to someone else’s careless, reckless, or negligent conduct, reach out to Bolt Law Firm today. Our Anoka broken bone attorneys represent victims of catastrophic bone fractures throughout Anoka County and the surrounding areas. We understand the serious impact these injuries can have on victims, from exorbitant medical bills to months off work to life-altering physical and mental pain and suffering. Our team is here to advocate for you and the full, fair recovery you deserve.

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Types of Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are categorized according to the type of break and its severity. The various features of a broken bone determine what type of break it is.

Some of the most common types of bone fractures include:

  • Closed Fractures: These occur when the bone breaks, but the skin is not damaged.
  • Open Fractures: Also known as “compound fractures,” these occur when the bone breaks and goes through or opens the skin.
  • Partial Fractures: A partial fracture occurs when the bone does not break all the way through.
  • Stress Fractures: These occur when the bone cracks, rather than breaks, which can be difficult to detect with standard imaging procedures.
  • Displaced Fractures: A displaced fracture occurs when the two pieces of broken bone separate, leaving a gap between them.
  • Comminuted Fractures: This occurs when the bone breaks into multiple pieces.
  • Compression Fractures: This occurs when the bone is crushed.
  • Oblique Fractures: An oblique fracture occurs when the break is located at a diagonal angle across the surface of the bone.
  • Transverse Fractures: This occurs when the break forms a straight line across the bone.
  • Spiral Fractures: A spiral fracture occurs when the break occurs in a spiral pattern around the bone.

Some types of bone fractures—including compound fractures, displaced fractures, comminuted fractures, and compression fractures—tend to be more severe than others. These types of broken bones often require extensive medical treatment, including surgery, to repair.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Broken Bones?

Broken bones can result from all types of accidents and traumatic events. In fact, an incident does not even need to be particularly or obviously serious for an individual to sustain a broken bone. A seemingly minor rear-end accident, for example, could result in a serious bone fracture.

Some of the most common causes of broken bones include:

One thing many of these types of incidents have in common is their cause. Most often, the cause of serious, injury-inducing incidents is negligence. When someone else is careless or reckless, and you are injured as a result, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. This allows you to seek financial compensation for your economic and non-economic damages, or losses, related to your injuries.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered in a Serious Bone Fracture Claim?

A catastrophic broken bone injury can result in numerous complications, hardships, and challenges. Victims will likely require extensive—and costly—medical treatment, as well as weeks or months off work. They may even be left with permanent impairments or chronic pain as a result of their injuries.

By filing a catastrophic injury lawsuit following a serious bone fracture, you can seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Past, current, and future lost income, wages, and benefits
  • Loss of earning potential due to disability
  • Past, current, and future mental and physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Disfigurement and inconvenience
  • Costs associated with in-home assistance and care
  • Home modifications to accommodate a disability or impairment

Our Anoka bone fracture attorneys can review the details of your case to determine the exact types of damages you may be entitled to recover, as well as the potential value of your case. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible for help with your claim.

Your Time to File a Claim Is Limited

In Minnesota, there is a six-year statute of limitations on most personal injury lawsuits, including catastrophic injury claims involving severe bone fractures. This means that you likely have just six years to file a lawsuit. While this may seem like a long time, it is important that you act quickly to protect your right to fair compensation. Over time, evidence can be lost. Delayed investigations can negatively impact your case, and it may become increasingly more difficult to prove the other party’s liability.

When you reach out to Bolt Law Firm for help with your claim, we will immediately begin evaluating your claim and investigating the cause of your injury. Our attorneys work tirelessly to identify the liable party and then hold them accountable for the immense physical, mental, and financial hardships you have endured.

We are ready to fight for you! Call (763) 292-2102 or contact us online for a free consultation. There are no legal fees unless/until we win your case.


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