Bolt Law Firm Announces Merger With the Tello Law Firm

train on the track at sunset

Bolt Law Firm is pleased to announce a merger with Michael Tello and the Tello Law Firm. Lead railroad attorney, Joe Sayler, and Bolt Law Firm have a track record of representing injured railroad workers under FELA in over 25 different states. The merger with Tello Law Firm significantly strengthens Bolt Law Firm’s FELA team and their commitment to helping injured railroad workers across the country.

Michael Tello has been involved with the railroad industry for over 50 years. He worked as a switchman for over a decade until he—like all too many railroad workers—suffered a career-ending injury due to the railroad’s negligence. He then went on to law school.

Despite the injury, Michael served as a United Transportation Union (UTU) local chairman for 25 years and helped many injured railroad workers in his tenure. Michael was also chosen as a part of the UTU Designated Legal Counsel. The UTU considers lawyers on the UTU Designated Legal Counsel list to be specialists in handling FELA claims and fully experienced in dealing with railroad claim agents and railroad lawyers. Michael Tello is the longest, uninterrupted member of the UTU Designated Legal Counsel list in the Twin Cities.

Joining forces with Tello Law Firm combines Bolt Law Firm’s seasoned trial lawyers, access to resources, and track record of representing injured railroad workers with Tello’s extensive railroading experience and longstanding practice as a designated counsel. This combination is unique to FELA law firms and will only increase the benefit provided to injured railroad workers and their families.

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