Railroad crossing sign

Woman Dies While Trapped in a Vehicle Stopped on Railroad Tracks

A woman in a vehicle stopped on railroad tracks at a dangerous crossing in Aventura, Florida, died on November 15 when the vehicle was struck by a Brightline train. Traffic backups are common at this highly active passage at the intersection of Ives Dairy Road and West Dixie Highway. The driver was trapped, unable to maneuver the vehicle either forward or backward off the tracks as the train approached. The locomotive struck the stopped vehicle, and the driver was killed.

These types of incidents are all too common at this location. Those who frequent the area have stated that vehicles stop on the tracks because of traffic flow issues.

Despite posted warnings and rigorous action from local police to alert motorists of potential dangers, vehicles often stop on the tracks during a gridlock. When a train approaches and the crossing gates lower, cars become trapped on the tracks. Eyewitnesses to this accident confirmed that the woman’s vehicle was caught on the tracks, with no room to move toward safety.

The danger at this crossing increased earlier this year when a “quiet zone” was established in the area. This new practice means that when approaching or passing through a railroad interchange, train conductors need to refrain from sounding the horn due to noise complaints from residents.

Despite the “quiet zone” designation, trains are still required to sound an alert if the potential for danger is present. A trapped vehicle qualifies as such a danger.

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