California Train Accidents Blow the Whistle on Railroad Safety

A dangerous area in the city of Martinez, CA, claimed another life this week. Marolyn Sullivan, a 36-year-old resident of Martinez, was struck and killed by a Fresno-bound Amtrak train. This is the third train-related death in the city of Martinez since 2000. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), there were 167 train-related fatalities and more than 600 non-fatal, train-related injuries in California in 2018.

Train-related deaths and injuries often give rise to lawsuits. In our experience, cities and counties sometimes fail to correct dangerous conditions that contribute to these horrific events. Bolt Law Firm currently is engaged in litigation with the city of Martinez for failing to fix a dangerous area near railroad tracks that run through the city’s downtown area. Every day, 54 trains pass through this pedestrian-filled area, sometimes with multiple trains traveling at the same time. This dangerous condition led to a catastrophic injury when a train collided with our client.

The rail industry considers pedestrian casualties its biggest issue. A 2012 FRA workshop to address nationwide safety concerns found that fencing was the top recommendation to reduce casualties, yet most railroads have yet to implement such a revision.

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